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Project Overview
Water and life-related systems
Molecular systems: Physical properties and chemical reactivity
Structure, stability and reactivity of minerals
Development of new high pressure cells:anvil and large volume devices
Development of new optically active materials
Design of a novel laser heating system for DACs
Implementation of diagnostic devices in high pressure industrial equipments

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The MALTA project gathers more than seventy scientists of eleven research groups dedicated to the study of diverse high pressure phenomena under a variety of different perspectives. It is the synergy from the cooperation among the participant groups that provides a real added-value to this ambitious project and confers worth to this initiative.

The following table resumes the main competencies/tasks to be developed by of each group.

Universidad Jaime I de Castellón (UJI)-Computational and Theoretical Chemistry: Molecular modelling of reactive systems in high pressure conditions. First-principle calculations of the electronic structure of crystalline solids.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)-High Pressure Group: Phase transformations and chemical reactivity of molecular systems under high pressure. Thermodynamic models. Development of high pressure anvil cells. Synthesis at high pressure / high temperature conditions in large volume presses. X-Ray diffraction

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)-Food Science Technology Plant: Microbiological studies in extreme conditions. Study of mechanisms of baroprotection and bacterial metabolism. Implementation of diagnosis devices in high pressure industrial equipments

Universidad de La Laguna (ULL1)-High Pressure Laser Spectroscopy: Laser spectroscopy experiments (emission and excitation of optically active ions) for phase transition characterization. Development of new optically active materials as pressure and temperature sensors

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)-High Pressure Group: Experiment of Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy under pressure. Design of a diamond anvil cell for Raman spectroscopy in the UV range.

Universidad de La Laguna (ULL2)-Electronic Structure and Computational Physics: Ab-initio methods study of electronic, structural and dynamic properties. Modelling and simulation by means of molecular dynamics. Quantum-mechanical studies of materials under extreme temperature and pressure conditions

Centro de Astrobiología INTA-CSIC (CAB)-Planetary Geology: Experiments of high pressure stability of minerals in the conditions of the interior of planetary objects. Characterization of the physical-chemical properties of planetary endogen materials and implications on geological activity

Universidad de Oviedo (UOVI)-Theoretical and Computational Chemistry of Materials: Quantum-mechanical simulations of pressure induced physico-chemical phenomena in crystalline solids. Development of computational techniques for microscopic interpretation of the behaviour of solids under pressure

Universidad de Cantabria (UCAN)-High Pressure Spectroscopy: Implementation and development of time-resolved emission and excitation spectroscopy under high pressure. Optical absorption techniques (UV-VIS-IR) and Raman spectroscopy under pressure. New luminescence processes induced by pressure

Instituto del Frío CSIC (IF)-Thermophysical Properties Determination: Study of the thermo-physical properties of water and aqueous solutions by means of volumetric and ultrasonic techniques up to 350 MPa as a function of temperature

Universidad de Valencia (UV)-High Pressure Group: Absorption spectroscopy under pressure IR/VIS/UV. X-ray absorption and diffraction. Ultrasound and electrical transport experiments in large volume pressure cells. DAC design for magneto-optical experiments. Design of a DAC laser heating system.

Universidad del Pais Vasco (EHU)-Materials Computation and Theory Group: Study of electronic excitations on surfaces and nanostructures.

Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera (ICTJA-CSIC)-High Pressure Group: Theory and Experiments at high pressure of materials, implications on structure and dynamics of the Earth and general crystallography

Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)-Experimental Geochemistry Group at high pressures and temperatures: Theory and Experiments at high pressure of materials, implications on structure and dynamics of the Earth and general crystallography

Consorci per a la construccio, Equipament i explotacio del Laboratori de Llum de Sincroto (CELLS-ALBA): The ALBA Synchrotron.

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